Don’t Chicken Out Making Music Together [video]

Following up from our previous feature about York Music Forum, we’re delighted to share the news that being unable to meet hasn’t dulled their enthusiasm for making music. Ian Chalk, the director of the programme, explains…

“So when YMF sessions ceased due to the coronavirus outbreak I thought it would be nice (and a little ambitious!) for Big Band to do a remote recording of one of the pieces we would have performed at our Spring Showcase concert. So I did a guide track for members to play along to and record their parts using whatever recording equipment they happen to have available (mostly it was phones/tablets). They then emailed the audio part through to me to try and piece it all together. I think they did rather a fine job! So here’s the YMF Big Band lockdown recording of The Chicken…”

Originally posted on facebook, Ian kindly let us have the video for use on the site. Make sure you check out our previous post about YMF to learn more about the amazing project and how to support it.