Live-ish at Headland

We’ve seen many festivals be taken online this summer and the local Headland Festival is no exception. This year the performers have gathered in Indigo Alley pub to perform to a crowd of video cameras which will be edited together into a joyous stream of music for you to enjoy in the safety of your own home. 

Along with the usual lineup of rock, pop, indie and rap the festival will include a couple of jazz acts including young jazz-funksters Purple Cheesecake, the Hip Hop Jazz Jam Collective and DJ Adrian Riley from the Jazz Thing Podcast. 

The performances will be streamed on the 31st of August and much of the content will be uploaded onto youtube in the following weeks. 

You can watch the festival here.

We caught up with with festival coordinator Jim Taylor for a quick chat to find out what to expect at this years digital headland:

Headland is a festival that aims to do things a little differently. If you could sum up what it’s about in 4 words, what would those 4 words be?

Amazing hazy days…… ermmmm
Coastal focused love chunk
Somewhere else to be
Needs more gaffa tape

If you could travel back to a moment from the last few years when you thought “yes, this is what we wanted Headland to be” what would that
moment be?

For me it’s about watching people experience something for the first time, like seeing the kids stare open mouthed at the sheer power and skill of Ante-Inferno, a black metal band. Or watching people try DJ’ing, writing, stargazing… It’s cool to have people experience things they wouldn’t normally do, somewhere where there are others in to it and others who aren’t. It’s good to allow ourselves to enjoy different things when too often we are placed in seeming opposition to each other, just because of differing opinions.

The festival showcases local musicians as well as bringing in some new sounds from a little further afield. What excites you about the the music being created in Scarborough at the moment?

The work ethic of the kids coming through. There’s a whole new generation of them, learning and writing and keen. Can’t buy that.

What are you most looking forward to sharing on Monday at Headland Live?

The vibe. I’m usually fixing whatever has gone wrong during the event, it’s going to be a new experience for me to actually enjoy all the acts with some adult apple juice and everyone in the comments.