Wes Montgomery Live 1965

Wes Montgomery is one of the most influential and innovative jazz guitarists to have lived. His unique technique playing almost exclusively with his thumb brought a new sound to the scene which has inspired countless guitarists since. 

The best way to introduce this clip of Wes live in 1965 is with a quote from fusion guitarist Pat Matheny about this very video:

“There are many pleasures with this particular footage, including the lush and beautifully recorded sound. Yet the highlight for me is the opportunity to watch Wes in action in between the tunes as a bandleader. As far as I know, this footage of Wes setting up the tunes and his detailed explanation of “The End of a Love Affair” to the guys, is the most extensive footage of him talking and just hanging out that there is. What a treat it is to see this side of Wes in action.”