The British music star you’ve never heard…

…is how one newspaper recently described Jacob Collier upon the announcement of this years Grammy award nominations.

If succesful, this would be the fifth Grammy award for the jazz-influenced musician and singer although it’s the first time he has been nominated in the ‘Album of the Year’ category. You might also have seen him have his own BBC Prom performance a couple of years ago at the age of just 23.

Collier creates a blend of popular music that’s rich in jazz harmonies, unexpected time signatures, creative arrangements and musical prowess that somehow manages to be clever and complex but great fun at the same time. Big name fans such as Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones hint at some of multi-instrumentalist’s musical influences from the 70s & 80s but there’s also a link back to the close harmony work of such as Lambert, Hendricks & Ross or the more recent jazzy vocals of Take 6.

Collier has been nominated for the album Djesse Vol.3. Here’s a taste of his high energy live performances where audience interaction is a vital part of the vibrant music: