New DJ Mix: Open Doors (inspired by ‘trane)

To coincide with Josh Kemp’s THE COLTRANE PROJECT at Scarborough jazz (and touring elsewhere in the UK) here’s a mix of music with the influence of ‘trane – much of it from the UK including some new releases as well as tracks by some of his collaborators. Coltrane opened the door for many musicians in how to approach making music, as performers and composers, hence the title and the fabulous music in the mix. We hope you enjoy and hope to see you at Scarborough Jazz on 2 November for the Coltrane Project.


Yazz Ahmed – Jamil Jamal / La Saboteuse
Gilad Atzmon – Al-Quds / Exile
Glen Dickson – Brave Shines the Sun / Wider Than The Sky
Roller Trio – 2 minutes to 12 / Fracture
Form & Formless – Giants Are Real
Ivo Neame – Rise of the Lizard People / Glimpses of Truth
Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda / Journey In Satchidananda
McCoy Tyner – Paradox / Sama Layuca