Introduction to Snarky Puppy

It’s fair enough to say Snarky Puppy has changed jazz fusion forever. Whether it’s the long arching solos, the many top class musicians in their lineup or even their in-studio music video style, musicians have been stealing their concepts since they first came on the scene in 2004. Led by composer and bassist Micheal League, the band combines influences from jazz, fusion, rock, world music and funk and has received three Grammy Awards. Over 40 musicians have performed with the band over their 13 albums, however the band always seems to have such a welcoming and fun energy on stage with every musician loving the music they’re playing. 

To show what the group is truly about we decided to pick this Dunlop Sessions concert which, although not their most iconic performance, features sections of interview with Michael League and pianist Cory Henry and shows the groups joy to be playing music onstage and off.