Gorgeous Dorje

As a live duo, saxophonist Sam Healey and drummer Craig Hanson are a formidable prospect, able to move from floating ambient jazz grooves to stomping crescendos often in the course of one tune. And now comes their first physical album (meaning you can purchase something to hold in your hands) which stays true to Skeltr‘s live sound blending electronic soundscapes and classic keyboards with sax and drums whilst also introducing guest vocals and spoken rhymes to the mix.

Healey has that certain something in his playing that would have had Gil Evans searching him out to solo over his orchestra, were Gil Evans still alive and working out of Manchester. And Hanson is one of those drummers you just enjoy watching. It’s a communication thing. They make music that conveys emotion and tells stories that feel rooted in the everyday and yet transcend the mundane, always hopeful, often finding euphoria.

Dorje is out now on Ubuntu music and at a very good price. Treat yourself.