Chilled Guest Mix 2.0

Here’s another DJ mix from Adrian Riley, in a relatively chilled but swinging vein featuring a mix of classic and new jazz tracks.


Lee Morgan – Search For The New Land [Search For the New Land / Blue Note]
The Keith Tippet Octet – The Dance of Her Returning [The Nine Dances of Patric O’Gonogon / Discus]
Fergus McCreadie – The Tide [Cairn / Edition]
Herve Perez & Alex Hegyesi – Skandhas [Garden Of Secrets / Discus]
Thomas Chapin Trio – Sky Piece [Sky Piece / Knitting Factory]
The Modern Jazz Quartet – Blue Necklace [Under The Jasmin Tree / Apple]
Mezcla – Winter Walk [Snoot The Moon / Ubuntu]
Chris Potter – As The Moon Ascends [There Is A Tide / Edition]
Scott Kinsey – Victims Of The Groove [We Speak Luniwaz, The Music Joe Zawinul – Whirlwind]