BEAT Livestream: Mark Kvuma

The latest in the Guildford Jazz / Boiler Room livestream series.

Discover Kvuma’s music and enter a world where vibes, blues and rhythm collide with gospel, soul and spiritual jazz. With over a decade of experience playing the trumpet and keys in London’s rapidly expanding jazz scene, Mark’s unique musical alchemy brings jazz back to the dance floor. Banging! A key player in the UK Jazz explosion, Mark’s main outfit, The Banger Factory, is a collective that is contingent upon bringing the people a good time. . From a weekly residency in Brixton’s POW, over the last seven years, the band has developed and nourished a truly unmistakable group sound and attracts and features some of the most gifted and engaging musicians on the scene today. Mark infuses this indelible musical movement with the energy, attitude and swagger of a new generation of creators. He has a unique and distinctive trumpet sound. His lyricism, soulful tone and grace of technique spread infectious joy and mutual excitement among audiences and fellow musicians alike.