Paying Respect to Tony Allen [Video]

As you may have noticed we like to follow up previous articles to start running themes on the JAZZ LOCKDOWN page, one of these however has unfortunately been cut short. As many of you will know Tony Allen died on the 30th of April of an aortic aneurysm. To follow up from the first edition’s post on Tony we had an article featuring a concert by him which paid tribute to Art Blakey. You can still read this article below, however we also thought it would be appropriate to link to the Guardian’s Tony Allen Obituary to pay respect to the fantastic pioneering drummer and band leader.

Following up from the guardian interview with Tony Allen in the first issue of JAZZ LOCKDOWN, we have found a wonderful concert of Tony’s quartet exploring and paying tribute to the music of great band leader Art Blakey. Taken from the Festival Sons d’Hiver in 2016. This entertaining concert is sure to be one to check out.