Sogo Rock – Brothers in Music

Sogo Rock are a Leeds-based band formed in 2018. Led and composed by Bela Horvath Jr and Laky Franz, the music is arranged and instrumented by all members together. The band has 6 members who met at Leeds College of Music.

The name “Sogo Rock” is a Hungarian word meaning in English: “Brother in-law” – the idea for the name came 10 years ago when Laky Franz married Bela’s sister. The idea was to create a band that cannot be defined by any one genre, listen to their music and you can find influences of  jazz, fusion, funk but also rock, gospel and more. Every band member brings their own traditional style from his country.

On this recording they team up with vocalist Oliver Wolf to blend a traditional hungarian melody with jazz fusion. Find out more about SogoRock on their website