Late Night Jamming [Video]

A group of local musicians and rappers spanning the generations have been meeting at Scarbrough’s Indigo Alley every few months to jam and see what happens. There’s no sheet music, no pre-prepared tunes… somebody starts a riff and everyone joins in. People speak rhymes, play solos, sit deep in grooves until they decide to stop and start another one. If you came to last summers Jazz Party at the Spa celebrating 35 years of Scarborough Jazz Club, you may have seen the Hip-hop Jazz Jammers stand in at the last minute and improvise some music in the Suncourt.

In lockdown the group decided to try making some music online. The same approach applied: a drum beat and bassline were emailed round and everyone recorded 16 bars of improvisation with no idea of how it would be pieced together. The result was ‘3am’ which we’re delighted to exclusively share with you on JAZZ LOCKDOWN.