Emma-Jean’s Brew

Yorkshire-raised and London-based Emma-Jean Thackray has created one of the most talked-about albums to come out of the contemporary London jazz scene. Previously known primarily for her trumpet playing, ‘Yellow’ sees her also taking lead vocals and creating music that’s as at home on a nightclub dancefloor as a jazz club – the perfect example of musical flux. That’s not to say there’s not improvisation – recent live studio dates show her band really burning and playing around with the insistent rhythms in the songs. There is chance to see them in Hull on 12th May as part of Hull Jazz Festival’s excitingly diverse range of gigs and concerts and we can’t wait to see how Yellow’s songs are given the live gig treatment. Details here: https://hulljazzfestival.co.uk/event/emma-jean-thackray/

Check out ‘Yellow’ here: https://ejthackray.bandcamp.com/album/yellow

Meanwhile, here’s Emma a couple of years back for London Jazz Festival with a performance very much channelling Miles Davis Bitches Brew-era sonic stew with some of the band members she’s currently touring with.